Sell with us

We are inviting the most brilliant, award-winning brands to partner with Rackhams. We love brands who expertly craft unique creations, obsessing with design, uncompromising on quality and are truly passionate and authentic. 

Rackhams will showcase an extensive selection of over 20,000 products, catering for all tastes and occasions. Whether customers are searching for the perfect gift for a loved one or looking for luxurious items for themselves. We aim to provide customers with access to high-quality products that reflect sophistication, style, and elegance. From fashion accessories and beauty products to home decor, we strive to offer something special for every discerning shopper.

What are we looking for?

We are onboarding the best brands, both big and small who can dispatch products direct to consumer whilst offering the highest levels of customer service. We want Rackhams to be a valuable channel for all the brands and suppliers we work with.

Dropshipping: Traditional wholesale suppliers can join a network of over 4000 suppliers and integration is free, swift and easy. Dropship suppliers will feed stock availability and cost pricing via API integration and our category manager will manage the sale price and product content.  

Marketplace: We have partnered with the leading marketplace platform responsible for $35 Billion e-commerce sales with which we invite brands both big and small to become e-concession partners. Its important to note that all our marketplace sellers with be allocated a customer success manager who will control SKU count, by categories and brands. Our focus will be on a controlled customer journey and building strongest relationships with our e-concessions partners.

Its quick and easy to sell on Rackhams, once agreements are signed you can upload your products in bulk and orders will flow directly into your existing system, allowing you to retain customer data and pack and ship the order. We offer a full range of cash withdrawal options, so you get paid in a timely manner.

Supported e-commerce platforms include: Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Lightspeed, Neto, Maropost, Adobe Commerce & Magento. Once agreements are signed, we import products onto Rackhams, then feed customer orders straight onto your platform ready for dispatch and fulfilment.

Supported Channel Managers include: Channel Engine, Channel Advisor, Cresco Data, Feedonomics, InfoBytes, Intelligent Reach, Omnivore & Zellis. For brands already using channel managers to sell on marketplaces we too support this format for quick and seamless integration.

Overall, this collaborative approach ensures a mutually beneficial relationship, where brands can leverage the Rackhams audience and infrastructure while maintaining control over their products, stock, pricing, marketing and brand image, which will foster a stable and consistent shopping experience for our customers.

Rackhams will have the best selection of gifts starting at just £20, We are looking for the highest quality products that offer something above and beyond goods typically found in High street shops and supermarkets.

Products should also adhere to our high standard in the following areas:

Ethical Labour - Are workers guaranteed a living wage, fair treatment, and ethical practices, while working in a safe and hygienic environment? If factories are involved, do they possess any labor accreditations that promote fairness and ethics?.

Sustainable Packaging and Materials - Are you utilising the most environmentally friendly materials and packaging options, such as recycled, recyclable, zero waste, or plastic-free alternatives?.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes - Are your brands maximising the use of environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods, such as partnering with factories that utilise solar energy, enforce stringent emission controls, minimise chemical release, and reduce water consumption?

Register your interest

To register your interest to become a Rackhams Dropship supplier or E-concession partner please fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as we can.