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Carry with confidence with our exquisite edit of women's bags at Rackhams.

Explore iconic designer handbags alongside timeless everyday styles. From spacious totes for effortless errand-running to chic crossbody bags for night-time adventures, discover the perfect partner for every occasion. Our collection caters to the modern woman who desires both functionality and flawless style.




The Ultimate Guide to Women's Bags

Your bag is more than an accessory; it's a confidante that carries your essentials through life's adventures. At Rackhams, we understand this, offering a curated collection of women's bags in various styles, materials, and sizes to empower you to carry confidence wherever you go.

What bag should I choose?

By Your Side:

  • Shoulder Bag: A versatile classic, the shoulder bag sits comfortably on your shoulder with a single strap. Available in a variety of sizes, it's perfect for everyday essentials or a night out.
  • Crossbody Bag: Offering hands-free convenience, the crossbody bag features a strap worn diagonally across your body. Ideal for travel, sightseeing, or running errands, it keeps your belongings close and secure.

Carry All:

  • Tote Bag: A spacious and open tote is ideal for carrying everything you need, from work essentials to groceries. Perfect for busy days or a day at the beach.
  • Rucksack (Backpack): For ultimate comfort and practicality, a backpack evenly distributes weight across your shoulders. Perfect for travel, commuting, or carrying heavier items.

Grab and Go:

  • Grab Bag: As the name suggests, a grab bag is a smaller, versatile option perfect for quick errands or nights out.
  • Clutch: Exude elegance with a clutch, a small handheld bag ideal for formal occasions or when you only need to carry the bare essentials.
  • Bum Bag: A trendy and practical option, the bum bag (or fanny pack) sits comfortably around your waist, keeping essentials close at hand.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Day Bag: This is a general term for a bag suitable for everyday use. It can encompass various sizes and styles, depending on your needs.
  • Handbag & Purse: These terms are often used interchangeably to describe a small to medium-sized bag carried by hand.
  • Wash Bag: An essential travel companion, a wash bag keeps your toiletries organised and contained.
  • Beach Bag: A large, open bag perfect for carrying towels, sunscreen, and all your beach essentials.

Material Matters:

Your bag's material impacts style, durability, and functionality. We offer a variety of options:

  • Leather: A timeless choice, leather bags come in various textures and finishes, offering sophistication and durability.
  • Canvas & Fabric: Lightweight and often brightly coloured, canvas and fabric bags are perfect for casual outings.
  • Nylon & Polyester: Durable and weather-resistant, nylon and polyester bags are ideal for everyday use or travel.

Colour Confidence:

From classic black to bold pops of colour, choose a bag that reflects your personality. Consider neutral tones for versatility or a statement colour to add a touch of personality.

Popular Women's Bags FAQs:

What size bag should I get? 

Consider your daily needs and activities:

  • Everyday Essentials: For everyday essentials like your phone, wallet, makeup bag, and keys, a medium-sized shoulder bag or crossbody bag is ideal. A tote bag might be suitable if you also carry a water bottle, planner, or book.
  • Work Essentials: If you carry a laptop, notebooks, and lunch to work, opt for a structured tote bag or a backpack. Consider the size restrictions of your workplace if you have any.
  • Errands & Outings: For quick errands or outings where you only need your phone, wallet, and keys, a small crossbody bag or grab bag is perfect.
  • Travel: For travel, choose a versatile bag that can adapt to your needs. A backpack is ideal for carrying heavier items and distributing weight evenly, while a tote bag offers more packing space for clothes and souvenirs. Consider a smaller crossbody bag for day trips or sightseeing adventures.
  • Formal Occasions: For formal occasions like weddings or galas, a small clutch bag is the perfect elegant companion to hold just your essentials.

What colour bag should I choose? 

Consider your wardrobe, lifestyle, and desired statement:

  • Versatility: Opt for classic neutrals like black, brown, beige, or navy. These colours go with most outfits and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Statement Piece: A bold coloured bag can add a pop of personality to your outfit. Consider colours that complement your existing wardrobe or reflect your personal style. Red, yellow, or green can add a vibrant touch, while metallics like silver or gold offer a touch of sophistication.
  • Seasonal Choices: Lighter colours like cream, white, or pastel tones can feel fresh and summery, while deeper colours like burgundy, emerald green, or chocolate brown are perfect for fall and winter.

How to choose a bag that matches my outfit?

Consider the overall style and formality of your outfit, as well as the occasion:

  • Formal Attire: For formal occasions, choose a classic and elegant bag in a neutral colour or a material like leather or satin. A clutch or a small structured shoulder bag would complement a formal dress or pantsuit.
  • Casual Attire: With casual outfits like jeans and a t-shirt, you have more flexibility. A canvas tote bag, a crossbody bag in a fun colour, or a trendy bum bag can add personality.
  • Dressy Casual: For a dressy casual look like a skirt and blouse, a structured tote bag or a medium-sized crossbody bag in leather or a pebbled finish adds a touch of polish.
  • Matching vs. Complementing: Your bag doesn't have to match your outfit exactly, but it should complement it. Look for colours that work well together, or choose a bag with a pattern that picks up on a colour in your outfit.
  • Texture & Detail: Consider the textures and details of your outfit when choosing a bag. A smooth leather bag can add a sophisticated touch to a flowy dress, while a canvas tote bag complements the casual vibe of a denim jacket.

Carry Confidence with Rackhams:

At Rackhams, we believe your bag should empower you to take on the day. Explore our extensive collection, discover the perfect style and size for your needs, and find a bag that reflects your unique personality. From iconic designer brands to timeless everyday styles, Rackhams is your one-stop shop for all your bag-related dreams.