Golf Gifts

Discover the perfect stroke of gifting with our Golf Gifts collection, where each swing of luxury meets the green with sophistication and charm. Elevate your golfing experience and that of your loved ones with meticulously selected items designed to delight every golf lover. From sleek accessories to tech-savvy gadgets, our assortment ensures every tee off is memorable. Get the swing of gifting and let our golf gift ideas lead you to the ideal present for the golf enthusiast in your life.

Gift Ideas for golfers

Whether your loved one is a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, finding the ideal gift to complement their passion for the game can be a rewarding challenge. Rackhams Department Store welcomes you to explore our handpicked collection of golf gifts, where luxury meets utility and style meets performance. From classic essentials to personalised treasures and unique finds, our gifts for golfers ensure that every swing is met with appreciation and joy. Let us guide you through the realm of golf gift ideas, helping you find the perfect present for the golfer in your life.

Golf Gifts for Men: 

Q: What are some classic golf gifts for men that never go out of style? 

A: Classic golf gifts for men encompass everyday essentials such as high-quality golf balls from renowned brands like Titleist or Callaway, durable golf gloves for superior grip and comfort, stylish golf hats or visors to shield from the sun in style, and sleek golf towels for keeping equipment clean and dry.

Q: What about upgrading their golf gear? 

A: Upgrading their golf gear is always a thoughtful gesture. Consider gifting them with a premium golf bag featuring advanced technology for organisation and ease of carrying, a state-of-the-art rangefinder to enhance their accuracy on the course, or a set of custom-fit golf clubs tailored to their unique swing and preferences.

Golf Gifts for Women:

Q: What are some timeless golf gifts for women?

More and more women are now enjoying a round of golf but what gifts could you buy for the budding female golfer in your life? Consider gifting her with a luxury monogrammed golf towel or for the fashion forward some designer golf clothes to compliment her style on the golf course. Professional golf lessons or experiences might appeal if she is really looking to perfect her swing.

Personalised Golf Gifts: 

Q: How can I add a personal touch to my golf gift? 

A: Personalised golf gifts add an extra layer of sentimentality to your present. Opt for monogrammed golf balls or golf tees featuring their initials or name, a custom-engraved golf club marker for a touch of elegance on the green, or a personalised golf towel embroidered with a special message or their favourite golfing quote.

Q: Are there any other ways to customise golf gifts? 

A: Absolutely! Consider gifting them with a bespoke golf glove featuring their initials or a personalised golf bag tag engraved with their name and contact information. You can also explore custom-designed golf accessories such as ball markers, divot repair tools, or even golf-themed apparel tailored to their tastes.

Unusual Golf Presents:

Q: I want to surprise them with something unique. Any unusual golf presents you recommend? 

A: Think outside the tee box and explore unusual golf presents that ignite their passion for the game in unexpected ways. Consider gifting them with a golf-themed whiskey decanter set for post-game celebrations, a golf course map art print showcasing their favourite courses, or a golf ball display case to showcase their prized collection.

Q: Any quirky gadgets or novelty items for golfers? 

A: Dive into the realm of quirky gadgets and novelty items that add a dash of fun to their golfing experience. From golf-themed BBQ tools for the ultimate grill master to golf ball-shaped ice moulds for refreshing drinks on hot days, there's no shortage of inventive gifts to bring a smile to their face both on and off the course.

Tech-Savvy Golf Gifts:

Q: What are some innovative tech gadgets for golfers? 

A: Tech-savvy golf gifts combine cutting-edge technology with their favourite sport providing enthusiasts with tools to improve their game and enhance their experience on the course. Consider gifting them with a GPS golf watch or handheld device that provides accurate yardage measurements, course maps, and shot tracking capabilities. Alternatively, explore swing analysers or training aids that offer real-time feedback on their swing mechanics, helping them refine their technique and lower their scores.

Q: Any recommendations for golfers who love gadgets? 

A: For golfers who love gadgets, the options are endless! Consider gifting them with a smart golf ball that tracks distance, spin, and trajectory, or a portable launch monitor that measures key metrics such as clubhead speed, ball speed, and launch angle. You can also explore high-tech golf simulators that bring the thrill of the course to their home or office, allowing them to play virtual rounds with stunning realism and precision.

Luxury Golf Gift Experiences:

Q: Are there any gift ideas for golfers who enjoy luxury experiences? 

A: Treat the golfer in your life to a luxurious golf getaway or exclusive golfing experience that promises unforgettable moments on and off the course. Consider gifting them with a weekend stay at a prestigious golf resort or a round of golf at a renowned championship course designed by a legendary architect. Alternatively, explore VIP golf packages that include private lessons with a PGA professional, access to exclusive club amenities, and personalised concierge services.

Q: Any recommendations for unique golfing experiences? 

A: Elevate their golfing experience with unique golf gifts that go beyond the ordinary. Consider arranging a helicopter golf excursion to a remote island course or a private yacht outing with a professional caddy on board. You can also surprise them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a round of golf at an iconic landmark or historic site, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Golf Fitness and Wellness:

Q: How can I support their health and wellness as a golfer? 

A: Golf fitness and wellness gifts promote physical health, mental well-being, and overall performance on the course. Consider gifting them with a subscription to a golf-specific fitness app or online training program that offers personalised workouts, mobility exercises, and nutrition guidance tailored to their needs. You can also explore equipment such as foam rollers, massage balls, and resistance bands to help them improve flexibility, mobility, and strength for better golf swings and injury prevention.

Q: Any recommendations for relaxation and recovery after a round of golf? 

A: After a challenging round of golf, relaxation and recovery are essential for rejuvenating the body and mind. Consider gifting them with a portable massage gun to relieve muscle tension and soreness, or a luxurious spa gift basket filled with soothing bath salts, massage oils, and skincare products. You can also explore mindfulness and meditation tools such as meditation apps, guided relaxation sessions, or aromatherapy diffusers to promote mental clarity, focus, and stress relief both on and off the course.


Embark on a journey through the world of golf gift ideas at Rackhams, where every present is a hole-in-one delight. Whether you're seeking classic essentials, personalised treasures, or unusual finds, our collection caters to every golfer's preferences and passions. Let our curated selection inspire you to tee up the perfect gift for the golf enthusiast in your life, ensuring that their next round on the green is filled with joy, appreciation, and gratitude.