Gifts under £20

Affordability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Rackhams collection of handpicked gifts under £20 beckons with charm and sophistication. Enter our  world of delightful finds that promise to captivate without breaking the bank. From chic accessories to captivating trinkets, each item boasts quality craftsmanship and undeniable appeal. Whether you're seeking the perfect gift or a little indulgence for yourself, explore our curated selection of gift ideas under £20 below and discover the essence of luxury within reach.

Gift ideas under £20 Guide

In the enchanting world of gift-giving, there's a universal truth: thoughtfulness reigns supreme. But, does splendour always come with a hefty price tag? At Rackhams, we defy that notion. With our carefully curated selection of gifts under £20, luxury and affordability intertwine seamlessly. Dive into the treasure trove of options that cater to every taste, occasion, and budget. Allow us to guide you through the art of selecting the perfect gift, without compromising on quality or charm.

Gifts for Her Under £20

Q: What are some thoughtful yet budget-friendly gifts for women? 

A: Explore our range of elegant accessories, charming trinket boxes, and pampering bath sets. Delight her senses with scented candles or add a touch of glamour with stylish scarves. For the avid reader, consider a beautifully crafted journal or a set of inspiring bookmarks. Remember, it's the sentiment that truly counts.

Gifts for Him Under £20

Q: How can I find unique gifts that reflect his personality without exceeding my budget? 

A: Dive into our assortment of sleek grooming kits, stylish cufflinks, and quirky desk accessories. Fuel his passions with themed mugs or indulge his taste buds with gourmet treats. For the tech-savvy gentleman, consider practical yet innovative gadgets or portable chargers. With our selection, you'll elevate his everyday experiences without breaking the bank.

Secret Santa Gifts Under £20 

Q: What are some crowd-pleasing options for Secret Santa exchanges? 

A: Opt for playful yet practical gifts such as novelty socks, quirky bottle openers, or humorous desk signs. Embrace the festive spirit with seasonal ornaments or cosy winter essentials like festive mugs or fluffy socks. Don't forget the power of indulgence – gourmet chocolates or artisanal teas are sure to spread holiday cheer.

Gifts for Kids Under £20

Q: How can I make the little ones' eyes light up without overspending? 

A: Explore our selection of adorable plush toys, interactive games, and creative art sets. Spark their imagination with storybooks or encourage outdoor adventures with colourful kites or playful skipping ropes. Embrace their favourite characters with themed accessories or character-themed stationery sets. With our affordable options, you can be the hero of any celebration.

Gifts for the Home Under £20 

Q: How can I add a touch of warmth and charm to a loved one's living space on a budget? 

A: Discover decorative accents such as stylish throw pillows, elegant photo frames, or artisanal candles. Infuse their home with fragrance and ambiance with scented diffusers or potpourri sets. Consider practical yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen gadgets or chic storage solutions. With our array of options, you'll transform their space into a sanctuary of style.

Personalised Gifts Under £20

Q: How can I add a personal touch to my gift without exceeding my budget? 

A: Explore customisable options such as engraved keychains, personalised mugs, or monogrammed notebooks. Celebrate special moments with commemorative ornaments or photo albums filled with cherished memories. Consider DIY kits that allow them to unleash their creativity or custom-made accessories that reflect their unique style. With our personalised offerings, you'll create heartfelt gestures that leave a lasting impression.


At Rackhams, the art of gifting transcends monetary value. With our selection of gifts under £20, you can express your sentiments without compromise. Whether it's a token of appreciation, a gesture of love, or a festive surprise, our affordable treasures embody the essence of luxury within reach. Explore our diverse range of options and let the joy of giving illuminate every occasion. Because at Rackhams, every gift tells a story, regardless of its price tag.