Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Find an anniversary gift that exudes timeless sophistication with our collection of exquisite gifts for traditional wedding anniversaries. Here you can discover an array of handcrafted treasures that celebrate each milestone in your journey together. From the first year to the golden jubilee, explore meaningful tokens of affection that speak volumes to your lasting love. Let our curated selection inspire your choice or delve into our anniversary gift ideas guide for a truly memorable celebration of love and commitment. 

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Celebrating milestones in marriage with traditional anniversary gifts is a cherished custom that spans generations. Each year marks a unique stage in the journey of love and commitment, and choosing the perfect gift can be a meaningful pursuit. At Rackhams, we understand the importance of finding something special that reflects the sentiment of each anniversary. Whether you’re marking a milestone with a first anniversary or commemorating decades together, our range of traditional gifts offers something for every stage of this beautiful journey.

What are Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Traditional anniversary gifts are a symbolic way to honour the passage of time and growth within a relationship. The tradition of giving specific gifts for each year of marriage dates back to the Middle Ages, with each year representing a different material or theme. These gifts have evolved over time, blending historical significance with modern interpretation. For example, the first anniversary traditionally calls for paper, symbolising the blank canvas of a new beginning, while the 50th anniversary is celebrated with gold, representing strength, wealth, and prosperity.

How to Choose the Perfect Traditional Anniversary Gift

Choosing the right traditional anniversary gift involves considering both the year being celebrated and the preferences of your partner. Here are some questions to help guide your selection:

  1. What Year of Marriage Are You Celebrating?
  2. Identify the specific traditional gift associated with the anniversary year. For instance, the 25th anniversary is traditionally marked by silver gifts, symbolising beauty and resilience.
  3. Does Your Partner Prefer Practical Gifts or Sentimental Ones?
  4. Some people appreciate gifts that have everyday use, while others cherish sentimental items that hold memories. Consider whether your partner would value a gift that is practical, decorative, or deeply meaningful.
  5. What Are Your Partner’s Hobbies and Interests?
  6. Tailoring the gift to reflect your partner’s hobbies or interests can make it even more special. For example, if they love gardening, a gift related to the traditional theme of flowers or fruit might be ideal.
  7. Do You Want to Stick to Tradition or Put a Modern Spin on the Gift?
  8. While traditional gifts hold historical significance, many couples opt for modern interpretations or personalised twists on traditional themes. Think about how you can blend tradition with a contemporary touch.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year

Here’s a guide to traditional anniversary gifts by year to inspire your selection:

1st Anniversary: Paper.

Ideas include a beautifully bound journal, a framed photo of a cherished memory, or tickets to a show or concert.

5th Anniversary: Wood.

Consider a handmade wooden sculpture, a set of personalised wooden coasters, or a handcrafted jewellery box.

10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminium.

Gift ideas may include stylish kitchenware, a decorative tin box filled with treats or keepsakes, or customised aluminium jewellery.

20th Anniversary: China.

Options include fine china dinnerware, a delicate porcelain vase, or a hand-painted ceramic piece.

25th Anniversary: Silver.

Gifts could range from elegant silver jewellery, engraved silver photo frames, to silver-plated homeware.

30th Anniversary: Pearl.

Consider gifts such as classic pearl jewellery, a pearl-adorned photo album, or a pearl-handled accessory.

40th Anniversary: Ruby.

Ideas include ruby jewellery, a ruby-red crystal vase, or a luxurious scarf with ruby accents.

50th Anniversary: Gold.

Celebrate with gifts like gold jewellery, a gold-trimmed photo album, or a gold-plated watch.

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Personalising Your Gift

Adding a personal touch can transform a traditional gift into a cherished keepsake. Consider these ideas to make your gift extra special:

  • Engraving: Personalise jewellery, watches, or homeware with initials, a meaningful date, or a heartfelt message.
  • Customisation: Opt for custom-made gifts that reflect your partner’s taste and style, such as custom artwork, embroidered linens, or bespoke accessories.
  • Experiences: Sometimes the best gift isn’t a physical item but a memorable experience. Plan a romantic getaway, a special dinner at a favourite restaurant, or tickets to a concert or show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I Want to Give a Modern Gift Instead of a Traditional One?

A: While traditional gifts hold symbolic value, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose a modern gift that resonates with your partner’s preferences. The most important thing is to select a gift that shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

Q: Can I Combine Multiple Themes or Years in One Gift?

A: Yes! You can blend themes or incorporate elements from different anniversary years into a single gift to create something unique and meaningful.

Q: How Much Should I Spend on an Anniversary Gift?

A: The value of a gift lies more in its thoughtfulness than its price tag. Set a budget that you’re comfortable with and focus on finding a gift that holds sentimental value.

Celebrating Love and Commitment

At Rackhams, we believe that traditional anniversary gifts are not just tokens of affection but symbols of enduring love and commitment. Whether you’re celebrating one year or fifty, our curated selection of traditional anniversary gifts offers something timeless and elegant for every milestone. Explore our range and let the tradition of giving speak volumes about your love story.


Choosing the perfect traditional anniversary gift is a delightful way to honour your relationship and celebrate the journey you’ve shared together. Whether you opt for a classic interpretation or a modern twist, let your gift reflect the depth of your love and the joy of your partnership. Explore our traditional anniversary gift ideas guide at Rackhams and discover how you can make each anniversary a moment to remember for years to come.